Barcelona is a metropolis that is ideally equipped to host international congresses and conventions. It is also highly rated by all travel professionals as a premiere destination within Europe.

As a city built upon artistic flair, it is unsurprising that Barcelona’s industrial design has received many international awards. This is also one of the reasons why Barcelona is the 16th most visited city in the world and a major world tourism centre.

With a range of contemporary museums, beautiful Art Noveau architecture and a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Barcelona offers an unmatched sophistication that adds that special something to your event.

Barcelona has also proved itself as a hub for major conventions, with many large-scale convention centres being situated in the city, such as World Trade Center Barcelona and the 405,000 m2 sized Fira de Barcelona. These venues, combined with being one of the most attractive, dynamic and beautiful cities in Europe, make it an incredibly desirable incentive travel destinations.

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