Bilbao is undergoing a economic and social revitalisation, emerging from its small industrial town heritage into a progressive and ever-improving city.

In a stunning transformation, the once manufacturing city has become a modern business capital, and a focus of tourism. Its tiny old quarter, known as the “Seven Streets”, is full of friendly, welcoming bars in which to snack or relax. Bilbao also has a number of serene parks within its city limits, to get away from the constantly bustling city.

Bilbao excels in its vast spectrum of architecture throughout the city, from the iconic and world appreciated Guggenheim Museum, which is constantly chosen as one of the world’s greatest contemporary architectural triumphs. Alongside these modern day buildings, are beautiful examples of the Gothic era of architecture, such as the striking St. James Cathedral.

With its many ongoing developments, such as the revitalisation projects going on in the towns of Abando and Zorrozaurre, Bilbao is becoming a city to rival the major cities of Europe, and is worthy of any event.

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