Often described as a ‘Continent in Miniature’ due to its wide range of climates and sceneries, Gran Canaria is as beautiful as it is varied.

With its several different micro-climates and landscapes differing from arid beaches to lush forests, Gran Canaria has a whole world of choices for outdoor activities. Bike and hike routes are prominent throughout the island, and Gran Canaria has also been dubbed ‘the Hawaii of the Atlantic’ thanks to its fantastic surfing conditions.

Around half of the island is protected by the Canary Islands Network for Naturally Protected Areas, and there are a large number of nature reserves that spread over the majority of the islands. With such natural beauty, complimenting by its scenic and picturesque villages, Gran Canaria can provide the greatest backdrop the world has to offer to your events.

Gran Canaria can provide the location for your events, with its huge variety for thrilling activities and ideal climates. Why not incentivise your staff with a morale-boosting trip full of snorkelling, surfing and perfect weather?

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