Lying on the Highland Boundary Fault, Loch Lomond is 24.5 miles (39 km) long, and is a picturesque freshwater loch in Scotland.

A popular leisure destination, located between the lowlands of central Scotland and the Highlands, it is consistently voted as one of the greatest natural wonders in Britain. All throughout the year, groups can enjoy a huge variety of events, from nature walks, arts and crafts, and sporting activities in the beautiful Loch itself, like sailing and water-skiing. Hiking and cycling is also incredibly popular in the area, thanks to the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

There are also a number of nearby golf courses, and Loch Lomond itself is only a short distance away from Glasgow. Loch Lomond has been awarded National Park status, and is situated only forty minutes from Glasgow, and ninety minutes from Edinburgh. Around the Loch are a number of charming villages and chateaus, each with their own stunning views of the pictorial scenery.

Loch Lomond offers you and your group the perfect opportunity to take part in a number of watersport activities in the beauty and sophistication of the Scottish Highlands.


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