The famous Frederic Chopin once described the island of Mallorca as ‘A sky like turquoise, a sea like lapis lazuli, mountains like emerald, air like heaven.’ He was right.

Located just east of the Spanish mainland, Mallorca is a diverse island that contains around 3,500 miles of pristine coastline, beautiful sceneries, dramatic peaks, and a number of foreboding caves with subterranean lakes. With its gorgeous climate and weather, it is also warm and sunny nearly every day due to its fortunate Mediterranean location.

With its huge influx of tourists each year Mallorca has a robust and well-organised infrastructure that is capable to deal with any and all requirements. From dependable three star hotels, to stunning five star ones; Mallorca can accommodate for all budgets and requirements.

With a climate that can rival any other country in the world, and the existing infrastructure that can handle all groups and events, Mallorca could be the perfect venue for your event.

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