Mainland Spain

As well as being one of the most important financial countries in Europe, Spain is consistently voted as one of the most beautiful, and one of the most cultured. With some of the world’s finest architecture, and most exciting and inventive art, Spain is perfect for an event that is out of ordinary.


Top 5 Attractions

  • 1
    Beautiful palace showcasing a unique fusion of Spanish Christian and Moorish architecture.
  • 2
    Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
    Santiago de Compostela is the most famous place for pilgrimages in Spain.
  • 3
    Church of the Sacred Family
    This is a masterpiece of modernist architecture, built by Antoni Gaudi.
  • 4
    Casa Batllo
    One of 2 houses by Gaudí in Barcelona that can be toured and visited.
  • 5
    Plaza de Espana
    Recently renovated and if even if you have visited before, it’s well worth a visit.

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