Tenerife is the largest and the most popular of the Canary Islands. It is also the last of the European paradise islands, and boasts blossoming forests and idyllic beaches.

On the south side of the islands there is a constant summer climate, which is complimented by the lavish hotels and exciting activities. The north side of the island has only a slightly colder climate, but also has a lively feeling; full of culture and atmosphere.

The island offers a large amount of opportunities for thrilling activities, all of which make great use of the climate and the picturesque ocean around the island. Diving is particularly popular in the area, due to the warm climate and high visibility. Waterskiing and surfing is also particularly possible. Tenerife is also a perfect location for hiking, with a large number of hikes positioned throughout the island, for all levels of hiker.

Tenerife contains a number of modern conference centres, a vast network of hotel infrastructures, and the best climate in Europe to make it a vibrant venue that will surely add some excitement to your event.

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